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Unicorn Bags

Unicorn Bags, featuring the innovative Injection Port for liquid culture, are a cornerstone of successful mushroom cultivation. The Injection Port allows for sterile inoculation, while the 0.2 or 5-micron filter ensures optimal air exchange and contamination prevention. For detailed insights into the features that set Unicorn Bags apart, explore our FAQs section.

Choosing Unicorn Bags

In our FAQ guide, customers often inquire about the reasons for choosing Unicorn Bags over other brands in the market. Known for their superior quality, these bags are crafted from durable polypropylene, providing an ideal environment for mushroom growth. With various sizes, micron filters, and even biodegradable options, our FAQ section serves as a comprehensive resource for those looking to make informed choices in mushroom cultivation.


Understanding the Injection Port

The FAQ section sheds light on the significance of the Injection Port in Unicorn Grow Bags. This feature is specifically designed for users employing liquid culture methods. The Injection Port facilitates easy and sterile inoculation of mushroom spores or mycelium into the bag, contributing to enhanced cultivation efficiency. For a deeper understanding of how to leverage this feature, explore our FAQ.

Tailoring Your Cultivation

Selecting the right Unicorn Bag size and filter type is a crucial aspect of mushroom cultivation. Our FAQ section offers guidance on choosing the perfect fit for your project. Whether it’s the compact 4T series for smaller batches or the extensive XLS-T series for larger projects, our FAQ provides insights into the factors influencing your decision, including micron filter options (0.2 or 5). Make informed choices with the help of our FAQ resources.


Unicorn Bags with Injection Port are uniquely designed for mushroom cultivation, featuring an injection port for liquid culture. These bags include a 0.2 or 5-micron filter, allowing air circulation while preventing contaminants. Explore the range of sizes and micron filters to suit various cultivation needs in our FAQ section.

Unicorn Bags are renowned as the best in the market for mushroom cultivation. Crafted from high-quality polypropylene, these bags offer durability and effective mushroom growth. With options for different sizes, micron filters, and even biodegradable choices, Unicorn Bags provide versatility and reliability. Learn more in our FAQ section.

The injection port in Unicorn Grow Bags is designed for use with liquid culture, ensuring easy and sterile inoculation of mushroom spores or mycelium. This feature enhances cultivation efficiency and is especially useful for those preferring liquid culture methods. Find more details in our FAQ section.

The choice of Unicorn Bag size and filter type depends on your specific mushroom cultivation requirements. Smaller bags like the 4T series are ideal for limited batches, while larger bags like the XLS-T series suit extensive projects. The micron filter (0.2 or 5) determines the air exchange rate. Consider your cultivation scale and methodology with guidance from our FAQ section.

Proper storage is crucial for maintaining the quality of Unicorn Bags. In our FAQ section, we provide detailed guidance on the best practices for storing these bags to preserve their integrity, ensuring that they remain effective to your mushroom cultivation endeavors. 

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